Hoola One Technologies is a start-up offering solutions to sites affected by plastic pollution.

Our Mission

Restore ecosystems affected by plastic pollution to their natural state.

What we do

The Hoola One Prototype

We vacuum the beach into our machine where we separate the plastic from sand by buoyancy. The first prototype was developed as part of a university project. Tests in Hawaii and extensive research in the field have allowed us to better understand the needs for the new machine, HO II.

The HO II Machine

The machine collects sand and plastic with the help of a vacuum for rugged terrain and with a rotative brush for smoother terrain (higher capacity). With an innovative separation process, we are able to recover plastic particles while leaving sediment and organic matter on the beach. 

What we've done

We have tested and proven our first microplastic removal prototype on Kamilo Beach (Hawaii) because of its reputation as one of the worst spots in the entire world for marine debris accumulation.

"The potential application for this machine both in Hawai‘i and around the world can be huge. […] I’ve got a lot of hope for this and I’m really stoked."
Megan Lamson Lethearman
Marine Biologist & Hawaii Wildlife Fund President