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technologies to clean beaches

Our Solutions WHAT WE Do Innovative environment cleaning solution Restore your environments in the most eco-friendly way Solutions to clean areas affected by macro and microplastics HO Micro HO Micro is an innovative technology that uses a settling principle. Our technology has earned many recognitions. It is a four-module machine that collects plastic from 0.001 […]

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How to help BEcause every action MATTERs Get involved Here are a few things you can do to act on the plastic pollution issue. 01. Fuel discussion on the impact of plastics on the environment Fueling discussions is a significant way to raise awareness on the impact of plastic in the environment. 02. Talk to […]

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Get a Quote Hoola OnE technologIES Start today If you are considering using a Hoola One device, please fill in the form below to let us know about your specific needs. To get in touch with our development specialist, feel free to call : (581) 980-2876 Anne-Sophie LapointeChief Development OfficerIs there a plastic polluted area […]


Hoola One offers innovative solutions to restore ecosystems affected by plastic pollution to their natural state. Hoola One offers solutions to restore ecosystems affected by plastic pollution BeforeAfter Previous Next Before After Plastic removal technologies Hoola One provides innovative and effective ways to clean plastic polluted areas that could not be cleaned before. Customizable and innovative […]

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