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  • HO Micro collects plastic from 0.001 to 7.5 cm
  • HO Wrack allows to recover plastics as small as the sediment it is working with.
  • HO Backpack collects plastics from 0 (no separation) to about 15cm.

Although designed to work best on beaches, the machines can be used to clean various areas such as creeksparksand even around plants (manufactures).

Since microplastic is often mixed and degraded, it is harder to recycle it and transform it into new products. Because it is a rising issue across the worldthere are more and more solutions to add value to it. For exampleone way to add value to microplastic is to use pyrolysis in order to transform it into fuel. On our side of thingswe are currently in collaboration with a canadian company which has developed a new technology which should allow our plastic to be easily transformed in new sustainable products. Our objective is to engage in a circular economy with the plastic we collect from our cleanups.

Hoola One is currently working on a new technology to add to our machines because being able to put organic matter back in the environment was a main concern of ours. This waywe are able to collect only plastic particles in the process. This innovative component will allow organic matter to be almost instantly put back on the beach. This waywe are not only helping ecosystemsbut also reducing significantly the total amount of waste collected. 

HO Wrack is the optimal technology when looking to clean a wrack line or seaweed. It is at the discretion of the user of the machine to either return the cleaned seaweed (or wrack line) to the beach or remove it entirely.

Our machines all use a vacuum system which is next coupled with an innovative separation principle. The reason for this choice is to try and reduce the cleaning impacts on the ecosystems, but also to access remote areas, work on uneven ground or terrains which contains obstacles such as rocks or tree trunks.

Suitable for working on dry and/or wet sediments.

Capable of recovering plastics from 0.001 to 7.5 cm

HO Micro

Effective for cleaning and recovering microplastics and nurdles

Official cleanups with HO Micro on shorelines affected by microplastic pollution.

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