technology to clean beaches
new technology to clean beaches

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''The Earth is what we all have in common. It is no longer possible to ignore the very obvious repercussions from the destructive human actions we have taken in the last decades. Everyone has a role to play and this is why collaborative actions only will make it possible to work towards a circular economy. Through innovative technologies, global actions and collective change only will we be able to save our one and only planet before it is too late.'' Anne-Sophie Lapointe
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Our technology can collect plastic from 0.002" to 3" (0.05 to 75 mm).

The machine is suited to work on both dry and wet sediment. 

We created a separate technology to add to our machine because being able to put organic matter back in the environment was a main concern of ours. This way, we are able to collect only plastic particles in the process. This innovative component allows organic matter to be almost instantly put back on the beach. This way, we are not only helping ecosystems, but also reducing significantly the total amount of waste collected. 

Our machine works at 1000 ft2/h and assuming we clean at a dept of 2 inches, it is possible to clean the equivalent of a tennis court in 2 hours. 

Since microplastic is often mixed and degraded, it is harder to recycle it and transform it into new products. Because it is a rising issue across the world, there are more and more solutions to add value to it. For example, one way to add value to microplastic is to use pyrolysis in order to transform it into fuel. On our side of things, we are currently in collaboration with a canadian company which has developed a new technology which should allow our plastic to be easily transformed in new sustainable products. Our objective is to engage in a circular economy with the plastic we collect from our cleanups.

The machine is 6 ft long, 3 ft wide and 6 ft high. The machine can also be disassembled in three modules for ease of transportation. 

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