Hoola One offers innovative solutions to restore ecosystems affected by plastic pollution to their natural state.

Hoola One offers solutions to restore ecosystems affected by plastic pollution


Plastic removal technologies

Hoola One provides innovative and effective ways to clean plastic polluted areas that could not be cleaned before.

Customizable and innovative solutions for  : 

Why is it important to tackle the plastic pollution issue?

Waste mismanagement and over production of plastic has led to a world wide problem that we can no longer ignore. Major actions and innovative solutions are needed to address this problem that threatens wildlife as well as human health.

Number of sea birds dying from plastic ingestion every year.
Ocean plastic pollution by 2050
Every 60 sec : it's the equivalent of truckload of plastic that is being dumped into the ocean.


Our solutions:

machine cleans plastic from the beaches

HO Micro

An innovative decantation technology. It collects plastic from 0.001 to 7.5 cm. The HO Micro works on any type of soil and it can collect plastics in depth (if needed).

HO Wrack

An innovative sieving technology. The HO Wrack has a cleaning surface rate of 30ft²/min. It collects  waste between size of sand to 25cm.

nettoyage de plage au quebec
machine cleans plastic from the beaches

HO Backpack

A backpack plastic removal device with a hand-held vacuum technology. The HO backpack collects plastics from 0 to 10 cm. It has a cleaning surface rate of 8ft²min.

Customizable cleaning solutions​

We offer technological solutions adapted to the different sites affected by macro and microplastics. Our team is open to some custom projects to help with specific environments.

new technology to clean beaches

WHat kind of beach cleaning experience to expect?

The benefits

Collect micro and macroplastic

Access hard-to-reach places

Work on rugged terrain

High operation capacity

Keep Organic matter on the beach

Work on dry and wet sand

Latest News

The dual approach of Hoola One Technologies

In addition to our devices that removes micro and macroplastics from beaches and other affected areas, in 2022 we are also working to launch a beach cleaning service.

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Hoola One: the beach microplastic vacuum cleaner

How is Hoola One able to separate microplastics from grains of sand? "The concept is simple, but when you put all the elements together, it adds a lot of complexity".
clean nurdles in beaches

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