technology to clean beaches
new technology to clean beaches


The dual approach of Hoola One Technologies

In addition to our devices that removes micro and macroplastics from beaches and other affected areas, in 2022 we are also working to launch a beach cleaning service.

Machine designed to clean environment

What started as a final project for a group of 12 mechanical engineers has morphed into a business to remove microplastics from the environment. The company was in Port Lavaca recently, testing the machine at various sites in Calhoun County.

C2 Montréal Announces the Winners of the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest

"We have world-class entrepreneurial talent in Quebec, and the contest is an incredible springboard to gain visibility," said Claudine Blondin Bronfman, Chair of the C2 Montréal Board of directors. They will have a unique opportunity to meet decision makers, thought leaders and rising stars across multiple industries.

Hoola One: the beach microplastic vacuum cleaner

How is Hoola One able to separate microplastics from grains of sand? "The concept is simple, but when you put all the elements together, it adds a lot of complexity".

Twenty plastic-busting inventions to clean our rivers and seas

The plastic pollution is increasing, and the Covid-19 worsened the situation because of single-use items like masks, gloves and other. This article shows a list of technologies are helping to reduce the plastic pollution in the ocean.

20 Quebec initiatives linking business and social impact.

The Novae Awards identify the best Quebec business practices that know how to combine economic, social and environmental issues. Hoola One was part of the 2020 winners.

Start-up Challenge Les Affaires awarded its grand prize to Hoola One Technologies

June 2020 - The fifth edition of The Startup Les Affaires Challenge crowns Hoola One.

Kamilo beach and a vacuum machine that collects microplastics and separates it from the sand

June 2020, The Guardian - Welcome to Hawaii's "plastic beach", one of the world's dirtiest beach.

For free-plastic beaches

Mars 2019 | Radio-Canada.
Freeing beaches from plastic - Hoola One

Project to rid the beaches of plastic microparticles

June 2019 | Radio-Canada. An international award for Sherbrooke students who got the first place in the Global Social Innovation Challenge in San Diego, California.

Octobre 2019 | Createk

Createk Contest Family J.R. André Bombardier

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