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Innovative beach
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Attractive beaches

The presence of marine debris on beaches has significant economic consequences for coastal communities. With our technology, our clients are able to clean their beaches in order to provide their community and tourists with attractive as well as healthy beaches.



We offer an easy solution for marine debris removal (accumulation, plastic spill, natural disaster)  while minimizing the impact on ecosystems during and after the cleaning process.


Safer beaches

The composition of plastic (Bisphenol A, Phtalate) as well as the absorption of other chemicals lead to a highly toxic environment for wildlife and even humans.


Customized solution

In addition to ease of transportation, our modular design allows us to adapt our solution to the customer’s needs regarding several aspects :


How we are different

Collect macro and microplastic particles

Our solution is designed to recover smaller plastic particles that are otherwise difficult to recover. Compared to existing beach cleaning technology that works only with coarse filters, our machine is able to collect much smaller particles. Our first machine uses a buoyancy separation method which allows to recover plastic particles as small as 50 um. 

Keep organic matter on the beach

With a completely innovative separation technology, we are the only device able to put all natural matter essential to the ecosystem back on the beach. Beaches that are affected by plastic pollution are often beaches where large amounts of natural matter such as wood and algae are found. By keeping organic matter on the beach, we enable our customers to :

Can access hard-to-reach places

The machine is made out of 3 different modules. This allows our customers to access areas that were unattainable until now. Many places affected by plastic pollution are not accessible by conventional roads, so it is necessary to have a machine which can be easily transported either by hand, truck or boat.

Can work on rugged terrain

With our vacuum collection system we are able to work where no other machine is able to reach. Plastic from ocean pollution lands in places that can be extremely difficult for conventional cleaning machines to work.

Achieve high cleaning capacity

With our two collection systems, we are able to adjust the processing capacity of the machine.

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